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Prince William Animal Shelter, BOCS Option C Vote

Prince William Animal Shelter

Written by: NeabscoNews (Facebook Post)

The Neabsco District office has been receiving concerns about the Animal Shelter presentation that was given to the Board of County Supervisors this past Tuesday.

The Board of County Supervisors voted on “Option C” from many other options presented to them at a Board meeting in 2017. An industry expert worked with an architect and County staff to come up with a shelter that would humanely house animals, keep the spread of disease from happening and providing adequate space for employees and volunteers to work in.

Community input was sought through the process and it was abundantly clear that the citizens supported “Option C”. If the cost of “Option C” was more than what was originally quoted it should have been brought back to the Board for consideration. It is disingenuous for the Board to vote on a project that does not meet the expectations of the people and what they were promised.

Supervisor Angry would like to see the original design of “Option C” and the cost associated with it. Leadership and integrity are important and we all want to make sure we stand by our commitment to the tax payers who came to the meetings and weighed in on the shelter project.