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COMMUNITY AWARENESS MESSAGE – Counterfeit Drugs / Fentanyl

Prince William County Police Department Community Awareness Message on Drugs

Written By: Prince William County Police Department

The Prince William County Police Department is issuing a warning, specifically to the youth community in the county, concerning illicit narcotic use. This awareness follows the recent deaths of two teens in a 48-hour period. Both deaths appear to be connected to counterfeit forms of the drug Percocet, sometimes referred to as “Perc30”. The counterfeit drugs in both recent incidents were preliminarily tested and confirmed as being laced with fentanyl.

Fentanyl is known to be extremely fatal, even in the smallest doses if the effects of an overdose are not recognized and treated immediately. If you suspect a loved one is overdosing, call 9-1-1 immediately and administer Narcan, if available. Narcan is publicly available in some locations.

While the investigations into the two recent deaths are ongoing, investigators have strong suspicions the victims overdosed after having consumed the fentanyl-laced narcotic. The official cause of deaths is pending toxicology results with the Medical Examiner’s Office and the origins of how the narcotics were obtained remains under investigation.

The Police Department recognizes our youth population as most susceptible to peer influence and pressures. We implore parents and guardians to take immediate action to actively engage with their children and loved ones as soon as possible about the dangers of drug use and encourage constructive dialogue to prevent further deaths and illness. If suspected illegal narcotics are found, they should not be handled, call police.

Prince William County Community Services and Prince William County Public Schools offer resources to help families with this discussion and provide assistance if needed. Help is also available through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The Drug Enforcement Agency provides valuable information to help families understand what to look if someone suspects counterfeit narcotic use. The Police Department offers medication disposal boxes at each of the three district stations in the county for residents to dispose of narcotics safely, no questions asked.