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COMMUNITY AWARENESS MESSAGE – What to do if you suspect drug activity in your neighborhood

Prince William County Police Department Nuisance Drug Premises

Written By: Prince William County Police Department

Nuisance Drug Premises: For Details Click Here

What to do if you suspect drug activity in your neighborhood.

Generally, if you have documented information, you can contact the police department via the non-emergency number (703-792-6500) or Vice and Narcotics Bureau Tip Line (703-686-6522). For any incident that is in progress, or you need an officer to respond, call 911.

Possible Indicators

Certain activities are found to be common at drug houses. Generally, one or two of these indicators does not mean you have a drug house in your neighborhood. Indicators are not evidence of a drug house. These are circumstances that accumulatively create a reasonable amount of suspicion that warrants further investigation. These are some possible indicators you can look for or that can be noted on a log sheet.


• Vehicles stopping for short stays of 20 minutes or less, just long enough for someone to go in and make a buy.

• An inordinate number of vehicles.

• Cars left running with someone in the car while another runs inside.

• Multiple vehicles using signaling technique (ex. Horn or flashing lights)

• Influxes of increased traffic.

• People parking away from the premises and walking in.

Foot Traffic

• Unkempt, disoriented, or paranoid visitors or other neighbors.

• Persons waiting outside for long periods of time– even in severe weather conditions.

• People carrying in tools, electronics or other items that may be used to sell or trade for drugs.

• Short term visits.

• Large number of visitors. Change in Conditions

• Accumulations of trash or junk.

• Deterioration of the premises or grounds.

• Dismantling of vehicles, machinery, or other component items, that are not reassembled.

Often the high gives them nervous energy to start projects but don’t always have the ability to concentrate enough to put things back together. For more info, visit: http://www.pwcva.gov/…/Nuisance%20Drug%20Premises.pdf#PWCPD