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Board Approves Request to Transfer Additional Revenue Sharing Funding for Potomac Neabsco Commuter Garage Project

Board Approves Potomac Commuter Garage

Written By: Prince William County

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors recently designated the Potomac-Neabsco Commuter Garage as a revenue sharing project to take advantage of federal and state matching funds.

According to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), a project must be designated as a revenue sharing project to receive revenue sharing program funds. The commuter garage project meets the eligibility requirements and can be designated as a revenue sharing project.

The estimated cost of the 1,400-space commuter garage, in the vicinity of the Neabsco Mills Road widening project, was originally set at $37.7 million. The estimate for design, engineering and construction was recently revised to $53.3 million.

To make up the difference, the County will use an additional $9.5 million in existing federal funds. The County will also use existing Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) local funding as part of the revenue sharing match. In addition, the County will use $3 million of surplus revenue sharing funding left over from other, completed or nearly completed, projects in Prince William.

The surplus money the County plans to transfer to the project comes from the completed Minnieville Road widening project between Spriggs Road and Route 234, the Route 1 widening project between Neabsco Road and Featherstone Road, improvements to Prince William Parkway from Old Bridge Road to Minnieville Road, and a shared-use path on the north side of Dumfries Road, near the Brittany sub-division.

The commuter garage, serving as a commuter park-and-ride facility, will provide relief at the Route 1-Route 234 and the Prince William Parkway-Horner Road commuter park-and-ride lots.