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REMINDER: ‘Street Smart’ Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety CampaignRuns Through Sunday

Prince William County Police Department

Written By: Prince William County Police Department

Prince William County, VA… The Prince William County Police Department invites residents to be ‘Street
Smart’ and aware of pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

The “Street Smart” education and enforcement campaign, which runs through Sun., May 19, 2024, aims to reduce the number of pedestrian and bicycle crashes with motor vehicles. During the campaign, police officers will focus attention on vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle violations that contribute to these types of crashes: speeding, running red lights, running stop signs, and driving without headlights at night or at any time of reduced visibility.

Conditions that may reduce visibility include rain, fog or any other situation where drivers cannot clearly
see people or vehicles that are 500 feet away, or whenever windshield wipers are in use. Police will stop
drivers who fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians.

The “Street Smart” campaign addresses three main goals:
 To change motorist and pedestrian behavior, and reduce injuries and crashes,
 To increase awareness of the consequences of pedestrian and bicycle crashes, and
 To recommend actions to reduce risks, such as: using crosswalks, obeying traffic signals, looking
left-right-left before turning or changing lanes, slowing down and stopping for pedestrians.

By working together, we can help reduce traffic crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists, making our
County a safer one. For more information, call the Traffic Unit at (703) 792-7254, or visit the Police
Department’s Pedestrian Safety web page.