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Department of Development Services celebrating 1,500 customers that have ‘Opened for Business’ with Small Business Project Management Program

Prince William County Celebrating 1500 Small Business Opened

Written By: Prince William County

The Department of Development Services is celebrating its 1,500 customers that have ‘Opened for Business’ with the Small Business Project Management Program. The Program supports small business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs in the commercial real estate development and building permitting process.

Small business projects are crucial to a robust and diverse economy, injecting new expertise and an innovative edge. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups that work with the Program are typically better organized and prepared for the building and permit requirements ahead, as they launch with better network connections and more viable and agile operations.

Speaking on the achievement, Wade A. Hugh, Director, Department of Development Services said, “It is our pleasure to support customers in pursuit of their dreams and help achieve their goals of opening a business in Prince William County. This success is a significant achievement for the Program that was made possible through our partnership approach with the business community. A huge thank you to the staff who helped make this possible.”

“As more businesses and repeat customers receive the Program services, the impact of the Program, the trust built with the Program experts, and the prosperity of the business community will increase the quality of life for residents and pave the way forward for future entrepreneurs to become small business owners.” added Hugh.

This milestone success is also in part due to the County’s innovative project orientated culture, that promotes a partnership approach, which is a vital component to all business relationships.

The Program was officially rolled out in October 2018 and is designed to work with businesses with 35 employees or fewer, and supports all sectors, from service-based enterprises to eCommerce stores. To find out how to start a small business visit www.pwcva.gov, call (703) 792-6930 or email DDS@pwcgov.org.