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From Supervisor Angry and the Neabsco District Office, Happy Thanksgiving

2022 Happy Thanksgiving From Supervisor Angry

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for my family, my team, my friends, and of course the Dallas Cowboys. Every year my family gets together and celebrates not only what we are thankful for but why we are thankful for the things or people in our lives.

🌟Here is my WHY – I am thankful because my family has supported me through every career change with such grace and ease; my team embraced me as family when I was elected; my friends are always there to provide a great laugh when needed; and the Cowboys because they are the greatest team the world has ever seen. 😁

➡️This year I want to challenge you to not only tell me what you’re thankful for but why you’re thankful for it? Use the comment box below to share and NO ripping on the Cowboys 😉🤣.