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Prince William County Branding Initiative Moves Toward Next Steps

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Written By: Prince William County

Earlier this year, Prince William County Government asked residents, business leaders and community stakeholders to share their feedback and ideas on how the County can best adapt, differentiate, and expand economic growth. We also asked their thoughts on the County’s brand identity to get feedback that will help craft important messaging blueprints for County government staff and leadership.

To ensure a successful outcome, the County enlisted Streetsense Consulting LLC, a DC Metro-based agency committed to helping shape the story about the many interesting aspects that make Prince William County a great place to live, work and play. Eight online community engagement sessions were facilitated by Streetsense in partnership with County staff representing economic development, tourism, communications, and equity and inclusion.

What we heard

It’s no surprise that a community as diverse as ours has a different set of opinions on what makes Prince William County wonderful. Throughout our research, common themes became clear: Residents bragged about affordable family-friendly neighborhoods and good schools. Business leaders talked about infrastructure and access to a highly qualified workforce. Visitors and tourists appreciate the County’s deep connection to history. Others mentioned our rich culture and diversity, our beautiful parks, open spaces and outdoor activities, and our entertainment and dining options. You can find a full summary of each session below, as well as data from our online survey:

What about our current brand?

Participants in the online sessions were also asked questions about the County’s current branding. After being shown a series of branding visuals used by the County today, along with an explanation of the image, participants are asked two questions regarding the current Prince William County Brand: How aware are you of the current branding in Prince William County? and Do you feel the current branding accurately represents Prince William County? While a majority of respondents were familiar with the County’s current branding, fewer than 25% said the current branding is representative of Prince William County.

What’s next?

Streetsense is currently conducting panel research from representative external audiences, including potential visitors and economic development influencers and decision makers. Once this phase is complete, they will provide recommendations on tone/personality, authenticity, reasons to believe, value propositions, and key messages that carry the essence of what makes Prince William County unique. Opportunity for community feedback will be provided.