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Working with PWCPD: What Number to Call & Info to Give

Prince William County Police Department

Written By: Prince William County Police Department

When Should You Call the Police? Whenever you observe suspicious activity, even though you may not be the only observer, call the police. Never rely on someone else to do what you should have done. The police would rather get multiple calls concerning the same incident than none. Often people fail to act because they are not sure if what they are observing is worth reporting. A good rule to follow is when in doubt, call the police immediately. Don’t wait to discuss the event with friends or neighbors first. Valuable police response time is lost this way. Another concern is bothering the police by reporting suspicious activity that may be nothing at all. However, police would rather come and check it out. Even if there is no crime being committed, the police response may deter someone from committing a crime.

For more Community Safety Resources tips, visit: https://www.pwcva.gov/communitysafety