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New Vehicle Compliance Program to Enforce Compliance of Personal Property Tax Laws

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Vehicle Compliance Program

The Vehicle Compliance Program is a system used to enforce compliance of personal property tax laws in Prince William County. The program provides Prince William County residents an effective channel to anonymously communicate with their tax office in reporting vehicle owners that may be liable for personal property taxes. 

Pursuant to Va. Code § 46.2-662(A) owner residents are required to title and register their vehicle with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles within (30) days of purchase or move into Virginia and must register within (60) days with Prince William County’s tax office. 

Further, VA Code § 58.1-3511(A) states, in part, “the situs for purposes of assessment of motor vehicles, travel trailers, boats and airplanes as personal property shall be the county, district, town or city where the vehicle is normally garaged, docked or parked…” As such, the vehicle may be subject to personal property tax if it is normally garaged or parked in this locality, even if registered in another state. 

Prince William County imposes an annual $100 License Plate tax on owners of motor vehicles that do not display current Virginia license plates on their vehicle and a $250 penalty on owners who fail to register their vehicle in a timely manner.  See PWC Code Sec. 26-5 and 26-5.1. Virginia license plates may be obtained when the vehicle is registered with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles . 

There may be instances when vehicles are not required to be registered and display Virginia license plates due to certain exemptions such as: 

  • Active duty and/or spouse may qualify for an exemption. For more information visit the Military Personnel Exemption page
  • Non-resident students enrolled full-time in an accredited Virginia based college or university may be eligible for personal property tax exemption. For more information visit Full-Time Students Page
  • Short-term visitors visiting for (30) days or less. 
  • Foreign Diplomats 

The Vehicle Compliance reporting site allows residents to report vehicles that may not be in compliance with State and County laws. The site is available 24/7 and allows a reporter to add a tax record and check the status of a report. To report a vehicle, click on the link ‘Report a vehicle with out-of-state plates’. To check the status of a previously reported vehicle, click on ‘Check status of report’. 

Report a Vehicle / Check the Status of a Report 

Privacy Act: Per Va. Code § 58.1-3, confidential information obtained in the investigation of these reports shall not be divulged. 

Thank you for your assistance!