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Prince William County Improves 911 Response Time with New Alarm Response Program

Prince William County Improves 911 Response Time with New Alarm Response Program

Written By: Prince William County

The Prince William County Department of Public Safety Communications today announced the implementation of the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP), an alarm response program improving 9-1-1 response time, minimizing duplicate data entry and possible errors, and reducing unnecessary calls between alarm companies and the Department of Public Safety Communications. 9-1-1 centers across the United States are known in the industry as Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) to differentiate from those that do not receive 9-1-1 calls, only transfers. 

“We are excited to announce our partnership with the ASAP-to-PSAP program, which will improve 9-1-1 response time for Prince William County residents or business owners who have alarm systems,” said Director Eddie Reyes of the Department of Public Safety Communications. “Currently, alarm companies call using our non-emergency ten-digit number to report a burglar, fire or medical alarm requiring our dispatch to receive and manually enter all the information. With ASAP, we will receive the alarm notification immediately and electronically, which will automatically populate the data into the dispatcher’s Computer Aided Dispatch system, bypassing the normal calltaking step and eliminating possible errors from duplicate data entry and the need for any phone calls. This can only mean a faster response time to any home or business duress or fire alarm.”

While resources are enroute, most alarm companies will continue to contact the home or business owner to inform them of the alarm.

Prince William County joins a list of other emergency communication centers in Virginia to implement this new alarm response program, and one of only about 80 in the nation.

Some of the major alarm companies participating include ADS, ADT, AT&T, Alert 360, Affiliated, Brinks, CPI, Guardian, Protection One, Rapid Response, Stanley, Tyco, Vector Security and others. Residents who are unsure if this new program will work with their alarm system should contact their alarm company provider.

There is no registration required, and no additional costs for residents by their alarm company to use this program.

For additional information, please contact Assistant Director Michele Surdam at 703-792-7147 or via email at msurdam@pwcgov.org.