2700 Neabsco Common Place, Suite 125, Woodbridge VA 22191

Neabsco District Supervisor Provides Bell To Restaurant

Neabsco District Supervisor Victor Angry Presented Chikn Kitchen Bell

Written By: Whats Up Prince William

Customers of Hot Chikn Kitchn in Woodbridge may hear ringing during their next visit.

Neabsco District Supervisor Victor Angry presented a bell at the restaurant, which is located at 14313 Potomac Mills Road, on Thursday.

“The bell signifies when you order a medic sandwich,” Angry explained. “They will ring this bell, because there [are] some hot sauces here that are truly hot.”

Mike Sarago approached Neabsco District Supervisor Victor Angry about establishing a chicken restaurant.

He wanted to bring in owners and investors who are members of a minority group. They will be mentored and possibly take over the business.

“We really did want to create a place of inclusiveness for the community,” Sarago said. “I think we’ve done that.” 

Virginia Senator Jeremy McPike and Virginia Delegate Candi King were among the attendees. 

“Congratulations and thank you for everything that you’re doing, because businesses like this are the backbone of our community,” King said. “And as we recover from this pandemic, we are doing everything that we can to make sure that your business and every business can thrive and recover.”